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The Basic Idea...

It has created a simple system of rotation, which was to promote the sale of shares of an American company. It was abundantly clear that it is a so-called pyramid scheme. negotiated, which we could not hot to be good.

Ultimately, the losers are inevitable favorite playing grounds for such systems.

Therefore, we racked our heads, and counted by tens of times.

The idea of ​​this rotation concept was basically nothing wrong, however, we lacked some of the factors to make it socially acceptable. Well we did it, and present you our new principle.

From this principle a new system was born, which is constructed as mentioned in a similar way, however, young investors are not postmarked prior to losers.

This system can not promise though the easy money, but with some patience and make you spit out of his small investment but considerable money. So: "Money Makes Money"
That was our goal with this idea.


Subsequently, this new system was thoroughly tested.

Mathematically, this system had already quite good, now we had to transfer it first test, and whether it also meets our expectations.

Over 1,000 test runs were up to 100 million investors driven to make sure that the system is Ready for market. Therefore, it had also taken more time than we had expected INITIAL.

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